A lesson in Intel: Feasibility Study for the US Edible Cricket Market

After 3 1/2 years of business for Cowboy Cricket Farms closed their doors due to COVID restrictions and a declined economy.  Like any good roller coaster the industry nearly lost its lunch a few times, but its also had some super duper highs where we could see our whole future ahead of us!

What has helped us see the future?  Like any good military operation, INTEL!!!  You see, they were working with information that the rest of the industry did not have.  Thanks to a grant from the USDA, help from Prospera in Bozeman, and work from the MMEC in Bozeman (part of MSU) they were able to create a comprehensive feasibility study of the edible insect space that had never been release to the public... until now.

The report may be from 2017, but it is still as relevant as ever!  The industry has used this information to move insect farming ahead all over the world.  When Cowboy Cricket Farms published it they gave it away for free to the world!  Companies took the weaknesses that were pointed out and improved.  We took the strengths that learned and exploited them.  This has been an amazing exercise in the proper use of actionable intel.

 So now, go free and enjoy...

Download the full Feasibility Study HERE

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  • In a world that seems secretive in the ways of business, I am so grateful for your transparency.

    Ben Tompkins

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