About Us

My STEM Farm brings tech and farming together in fun and exciting ways.

 My STEM Farm was founded out of failure... as all the best experiments are!!! After a world wide pandemic knocked out a previous business our founders looked for a way to do good in the world and "Feed More People".  With a back ground in technology development and entomophagy (the eating of bugs!) and of course a few kiddos running around, but stuck indoors they set out to find a way to teach people about novel food systems, bring together families, and inspire the next generation of farmers.

  My STEM Farm offers an interactive learning experience that can adapt and change with you.  Want to learn about plants and crop farming?  How about how insects are the food of the future?  Want to just keep an eye on your little chicken coop and see when they lay the most eggs?  My STEM Farm works with all sorts of projects both at home and in the classroom.  We bet that people of all ages will learn something with every single project too!

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