But what do you do with the POOP!?

We get this question a lot!  Our answer? Use it on your plants as an all natural fertilizer: Cricket Frass!  An all natural way to not only get your plants the proper nutrition that they need, but also to help fend off certain insects before they start to munch on your favorite crop!

 plants growing with cricket Frass

Cricket frass is a very dry substrate that works great with almost any garden, be it fruit, vegetables, flowers, or trees.  Since your crickets are fed an all natural certified organic, non-GMO feed so you know that you are always getting the best product for your plants possible!

We recommend using 1/4 lb. per sq. yard for most gardening needs.

Want to know more? Here's a break down chemical analysis of cricket frass! It's from one of the largest cricket farms in the country, so you know it's good!