Why Farm Bugs?

There's many bugs and many reasons! My STEM Farm kits were first designed for farming crickets though, so let's explore that!

Here's the thing - we all find crickets quite odd. Bugs are not a part of our normal diet. Yet, three quarters of the world currently eats bugs on a regular basis. Is America just Entophobic? Or should we look at bugs as our next main protein? After we crunched the numbers, we decided "Move aside beef, crickets outweigh you pound for pound." See the numbers yourself, and think twice next time before you turn down that insect snack:

 Crickets vs Cows - The beef on which is better design icon

Crickets Use...

Crickets Use 200x Less Land than Cows Design Icon
crickets us 2060 times less water than cows Design Icon
crickets use 14 times less land than cows design icon

Crickets Have...

Crickets have 2 times more iron than select cuts of beef Design Icon
Crickets have 43 times more omega 3s compared to beef Design Icon
Crickets have 2 times more protein compared to cows design icon


Why Choose My STEM Farm

With cricket farming, we are able to drastically reduce the impact that our diets have on the planet. At My STEM Farm, we also have other steps we take that take our practices to the next level. Special cricket diets, business models made to expand the success of the company, and even a U.S. Made focus, My STEM Farm works hard to continue to improve every aspect of what we offer. 



Our Cricket kits have a specially formulated corn and soy free diet

 We use teach cricket-processing methods & techniques

Veteran owned and operated

Working through Partner Farmer Program to share the success and growth of the company with public Montana ownership

All products are designed or made here in Montana